Looking Back on the Baltimore Uprising

Last October for CSJ: Baltimore 365, Women’s Center student staff members created displays for our Vines, Rhymes, and Headlines discussion/exhibit that explored media coverage and social media engagement surrounding the Baltimore Uprising. One year after the uprising, we’re looking back at some of the images and tweets that captured this important moment in our history.

What Happened at Mondawmin? See how events unfolded that afternoon to set the stage for the much-reported “riots.” (credit: Daniel Willey) 

Conversations around the Uprising were grounded in several hashtags, including #BaltimoreRiots, #FreddieGray, and #BaltimoreCurfew. (credit: Julia Gottlieb)

Julia 1 Riot-Uprising

#BaltimoreUprising was used to counter the popular narrative of #BaltimoreRiots.

Julia 2 FG-SHN

#FreddieGray and #SayHerName reminded us of the faces, names, and lives impacted by racist police violence.

Julia 3 Lunch-Curfew

#BaltimoreLunch addressed food insecurity in the city, while #BaltimoreCurfew illustrated the clear racial divide between how people experience policing.

An overview of anti-Black violence and Black trauma provided additional context and significance. (credit: Kayla Smith) 

Vines - Kayla 1

Vines - Kayla 2

Vines - Kayla 3

Vines - Kayla 4

Vines - Kayla 5

Vines - Kayla 6

And here are just a few of the many great articles we’re reading from around the web:



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