Critical Social Justice: Rise Photo Recap

Women's Center at UMBC

The fifth annual Critical Social Justice explored opportunities for building individual and collective resistance and resilience. Events throughout the week, the theme of Rise, challenged us to think about how we can do better, do more, and persist in doing it when it comes to working towards positive social change and activism. Take a look back at some of highlights from throughout the week and catch up on anything you missed!

Leading up to the week, we were SUPER PUMPED for Critical Social Justice to get started – and so was the rest of UMBC!


You can see many of the other “I rise for…”


We kicked of CSJ on Monday with Chalking for Change on Academic Row before CSJ 101.


While people were writing what they rise for outside, CSJ 101 was taking place directly inside where students, faculty, and staff were encouraged to learn about Resistance and Resilience in…

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Healing My Community

 This reflection by Women's Center staff member Daniel Willey has been cross-posted from the Women's Center community blog.  Trigger warning for suicide mention; resources at the bottom of the post My community experienced a tragedy early this October, and the ripples from the impact are still cascading across campus and beyond. I woke up that morning … Continue reading Healing My Community

Home: Paying Attention to Standing Rock

A reflection written by Women's Center director, Jess Myers  As Critical Social Justice: Home comes to an end today, I can't help but to think about what is happening at Standing Rock right now where over 100 police with military equipment are advancing on a resistance camp established by Native American water protectors in the … Continue reading Home: Paying Attention to Standing Rock

Looking Back on the Baltimore Uprising

Last October for CSJ: Baltimore 365, Women's Center student staff members created displays for our Vines, Rhymes, and Headlines discussion/exhibit that explored media coverage and social media engagement surrounding the Baltimore Uprising. One year after the uprising, we're looking back at some of the images and tweets that captured this important moment in our history. What … Continue reading Looking Back on the Baltimore Uprising

Feminist Click Moments

Women's Center at UMBC

A post curated by Women’s Center staff member, Daniel

This week is Critical Social Justice week!! Yay!! The Women’s Center will be occupying Main Street on Wednesday from 11am to 1pm by bringing our lounge out of the center and into the public! We’ll be doing a number of really cool activities including creating a scrapbook full of pages made by community members about their Feminist Click Moments.

What’s a Feminist Click Moment?????

DSCN9429Your Click Moment is the event or thought or moment when you realized the word “feminist” applied to you. Click is a book of essays about various authors’ Click Moments compiled by Courtney E. Martin and J. Courtney Sullivan. You can read an interview about the book here. Each of our staff members created their scrapbook pages for you all to see and get you thinking about how you want to express your Click Moment and add a piece…

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Authenticity in Activism: Reflections from CSJ Organizers

Critical Social Justice organizers Jess Myers, Zach Kosinski, and Jasmine Malhotra share a few of their thoughts on activism, their personal and professional experiences as activists, and social media's role in activism. JASMINE: I think about the feelings of social justice activism as being something that infuses within all parts of your life. Social justice activism … Continue reading Authenticity in Activism: Reflections from CSJ Organizers