What you Need to Know About Restorative Practices

Get ready for Critical Social Justice: Ignite with our What You Need to Know series. Written by Kaleigh Mrowka, Assistant Director for Residential Education, and Lauren Mauriello, Assistant Director of Student Conduct. “[Restorative practices] provide a clear blueprint to ensure that on the path to making social justice, we model that justness in our own behavior – … Continue reading What you Need to Know About Restorative Practices


Critical Interactions and Authentic Engagement

Tonight our partners in Student Affairs are hosting Critical Interactions, an interactive program where students will join INTERACT Program peer facilitators to explore how they each make meaning of 'home.' But what is INTERACT? A collaboration between the Division of Student Affairs and the Modern Languages, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication Department, INTERACT aims to provide first-year residential students … Continue reading Critical Interactions and Authentic Engagement